Why Become A JustLogin Partner?

We don’t just do it all. We help you do it all.

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We just get it

JustLogin is a comprehensive, integrated and modular solution – one that you can be confident in recommending to your clients for a wide variety of requirements. We pride ourselves on providing security, flexibility and efficiency to our clients…and yours.

We know our stuff

We have 18 years of experience developing applications to meet every HR data management challenge – that’s expertise you can trust.

We’re here for you

JustLogin provides our partners with 4 levels of support you can count on: FAQ, Live Chat, Email and Phone Support.

We’ll make you look good

At JustLogin, we believe your success is also our success, so we’ll do whatever we can to support your efforts. From onboarding, to partner training, to marketing collateral, we’ll use our resources to set you up for success.

We play well with others

With separate modules that integrate with each other as well as many other services, JustLogin can work together with your client’s existing systems to create a unique solution tailored to your client’s needs.

We’re in it for the long haul

JustLogin is a long-term solution. New users and accounts are easily turned on as you scale up, so we’ll grow with you and your clients.


Just join 

the ranks of our partners to provide value-added services to your clients.

BPO Partners

Just elevate 

your client’s outsourcing experience with JustLogin’s HR Cloud. Your clients can view real-time reports and improve employee engagement through our mobile app.


Just automate 

administrative HR tasks to save time and money while providing more effective services to your clients. JustLogin is integrated with Xero and QuickBooks Online for a seamless payroll-to-accounts experience.

Technology Partners

Just integrate 

your application with JustLogin to drive adoption and leverage synergies. Join us as we bring together best-in-class technology to create a robust, collaborative network of systems that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Just Enjoy Partner Perks










Free partner onboarding
Free partner training
Branded log in page
Free marketing collateral
Co-branding opportunities
Partner events
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