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Our integrated, cloud-based HR solutions in Hong Kong take the workload off your shoulders. Try it for yourself.

Why JustLogin?

We just get it. We’ve been providing HR management software in Hong Kong for more than 18 years, helping SMEs to get ahead by using our HR cloud applications. This cache of experience helps us to understand your challenges and to share your vision. We’re in this together.

How Are We Different?

JustLogin saves you time and money with our integrated, cloud-based HR management solutions for Hong Kong. With a modular management structure and regular software updates, JustLogin is flexible, scalable and efficient. Our fees are calculated per person and per module, so that you just pay for the applications you need and the employees you have.

Award-Winning HR Applications

We’re proud to be awarded as Singapore’s #1 HR Software in 2018. Most of all, we’re proud to be working hard to make human resources management work for you. Our products include payslip management, employee attendance, online leave systems, and expense tracking.

JustLogin - Hong Kong HR Vendor Award

Our Customers Their Stories

With over 2,000 Customers, there are plenty of stories to share!
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JustLogin is a one-stop solution for all the HR management functions we need. The seamless software integration and flexibility of this HRM system allows for efficient completion of what would otherwise be tedious administrative duties.


We dramatically reduced the time we take to do our payroll. We don’t need to keep entering the same numbers in multiple systems anymore… Every minute that we save allows us to concentrate on doing more things that directly help us to achieve our mission.

JustLogin’s solutions have made our lives easier by automating these tedious HR tasks, allowing us to better focus on other aspects of our work. Time spent on leave, payroll and claim duties have been cut by over 60%.

Our Local Partners

Just Gets It Right

Automated to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Easy Solutions


Our HR management software offers easy solutions to common problems which companies’ human resources departments often face. For example, prior to using this software, some clients claimed to have spent 80 percent of their time administering payroll and other routine tasks.

Streamlined Process


JustLogin helps streamline a variety of processes, whether it be staff benefit management, leave administration, or employee termination. Our HR management software also helps with miscellaneous but time consuming tasks like managing casual employees. We have leveraged extensive experience in the Hong Kong market to optimize your company’s compliance with HK government’s requirements.



JustLogin’s HR system takes the workload off your shoulders when it comes to leading, managing, and engaging your staff. Your HR staff will be able to easily access all the resources and information they need regarding each particular employee, cutting down on the time and effort needed to maintain productivity. Use the extra time you’ve gained to work on other tasks!

Hassel-free Software


Never worry about losing data or progress on tasks, as our cloud-based system saves all relevant information. Our development team has also ensured pain-free software updates. Moreover, our system can easily scale according to your growth, so your company can focus on business and expansion.

Just The Way You Need It

Tailored to your unique requirements.

Convenient Execution


No more paperwork! Our HR system makes dealing with reams of paper a relic of the past. Leave entitlements, supporting documents, medical records, certificates—dealing with these documents has never been easier.

Act now


Receive insights into your employees’ activities all throughout your business. Find out more about how you can streamline your HR management process with JustLogin today!

Frequently Asked Questions

HR management software is great for streamlining your company’s processes. From payroll to leave management and everything in between, HR software allows you to focus on what truly matters in your company’s success and leave the low-priority tasks to us.

At JustLogin, we offer a comprehensive suite of HR services to give your company the boost it needs to excel. We offer payroll, leave management, timing, expenses, employee benefits, and people services. We don’t want you spending time on tasks that can easily be automated. Save time and effort while boosting productivity and reducing errors.

Before you commit to one of our services, note that we offer a 14-day free trial. After this, the price of our HR system is based on a price per user per month. The price covers maintenance, upgrades, daily backups and a helpful support service whenever you might need assistance. If you have over 50 employees, send us a message.

After setting up your account, which can be done in minutes, one of our onboarding specialists will take your case and help everything run smooth. From start to finish, our clients normally have our HR management software up and running within 2 weeks.

Just Give Us A Try For Free Today!

Our integrated, cloud-based HR software solutions in Hong Kong take the workload off your shoulders, not add to it. No credit card required.

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